A Guide To Types Of Numerology

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Numerology is the study of significance and history of numbers. Numerology is not just about the relationship between numbers and your daily life. It is a comprehensive concept with different methods to find out your health, personality, and long-term destiny. The best numerologist in New Delhi can be contacted to get the full benefits from Numerology.

There are several types of Numerology. Some important ones have been listed below:

Pythagorean number system
There are three main types of Numerology, and Pythagorean is the best known. Most of the modern numerologists use this method. This system gives a psychological as well as a metaphysical description of who you are. The interaction between the name and the birth date is studied by the experts in this type of Numerology.

Kabbalah Number System
The kabbalah system is the oldest of the five main number systems. The word kabbalah means “knowledge that’s derived from the mind and soul is better than through a physical teacher.” Which is an ancient saying. This meaning is the main concept of the system, followed by every expert numerologist in Delhi. The kabbalah system signifies that there is a hidden meaning behind everything. This system only uses your name, not the birth date.

Chaldean Number System
The most accurate on the list, the Chaldean number system requires many calculations. These alphabet values are not well organized as compared to the other methods. This system indicates the hidden forces which act behind the scenes. The Chaldean system is unique as it uses the name you are known for and your birth date. It is different than the other method which requires your name at birth. This system only uses the numbers from 1 to 8 rather than 1 to 9.

Chinese Numerology
The Chinese Numerology is an ancient form of Numerology. The main belief in this Numerology is that there are five elements related to the numbers 1 to 9. Lo-Shu Grid has accurately and remarkably helped in most of the contemporary studies in the field of modern Numerology and astrology.

Indian Numerology
The other name of Indian Numerology is Vedic Numerology. It works on the principle that every number has its vibratory resonance. Once your number reaches the resonance point, it works well. This Numerology believes that the moon is the most significant deciding factor analyzing your mind and soul. In Vedic Numerology, everyone has three relevant numbers. And these numbers help you get a great understanding of yourself, which enables you to make the right decisions in the future. Consult the best numerologist in New Delhi to know more about Vedic Numerology.

Cheiro Grid:
This particular concept is based on Chaldean numerology. Cheiro numerology revolves around old concepts of connecting each alphabet to a specific numeric value. Then these numbers are used to evaluate elemental astrological forces.

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