Authentic Gemstones Online

Gemstones always have been considered as precious stones which are rare, durable and so beautiful. They have been used as jewellery. But not only that, gemstones have another big characteristic and is their importance in Hindu mythology. They are so precious that they are cherished by everyone. People appreciate the beauty and the rare and mystic properties of these stones.

All zodiac signs have their own stone and when you are thinking about wearing a gemstone, always consult with your astrologer or with a gem expert. Rudra Kripa provides you only with authentic gemstones online.

If you are looking for authentic certified stones both precious and semi-precious, then Rudra Kripa is among the best. Rudra Kripa is one of the most sought after online store which sells and retails high quality certified government approved Rudraksha and gemstones. We are based at Delhi and are a 2009: 2015 certified company and we sell you original products made of the best quality including rare gemstones and rudraksha beads of the Nepal origin.

What does Rudra Kripa provide you with?

We have a wide range of authentic gemstone online for you which would truly help you by incorporating positivity in your life by warding off all kinds of evil force.

Our gemstone products range from Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), Ruby (Maanik), blue Sapphire (Neelam), pearl (Moti), Diamond (Heera), Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia), Coral (Moonga), Emerald (Panna), Hessonite (Gomed), Moonstone, Turquoise, Amber stone, Amethyst, south sea pearl to many others like Citrine, Gemstone, Agate, Firing Opal, Hakik, Pink and Green Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye Gemstone, etc.

We also provide you with products related to Fengshui, Vastu and having religious and spiritual significance. We also offer all kinds of puja commodities. We also have laughing Buddha, Evil eye protection charm and other products along with Healing crystals. You can contact us for all kinds of astrological services.   

Get Purified And Certified Gemstones Online

If you are thinking whether the gemstones and rudraksha would be provided to you in a purified form or not then yes, shuddhi karan and  Shafaa would be performed by our very own and famous gemologist Dr Sanjay Sethi. He would perform the Bhasmi puja, Akhand Dhuni and Sankalp in your name so that the precious and semi-precious stones get purified.

The Dhaaran would be done keeping mind all the rituals of the Vedic scriptures. Rudra Kripa handled by Dr Sanjay Seth would make sure that the gemstone is suited for you perfectly by consulting your star chart. Buy authentic gemstone online from us.

Why Choose Rudra Kripa to buy Authentic Gemstones Online?

Client satisfaction is of great importance to us and we give our best to make you happy. We have been thriving because we provide you with the best and most authentic stones and beads. We provide you 100% safe transaction security and the laboratory from where we get our stones graded is the most authentic one in evaluating gemstones, diamond and other semi-precious and precious stones.

Contact us through our email or call us at +91-9560498552 or +91-9315022606. We accept all kinds of online transactions and trust us to provide you with real genuine, sophisticated Rudraksha and authentic gemstones online.