Online Pooja (Puja) Store:

Hinduism is not only the world’s oldest religion but also the grandest. Today’s generation, which includes anthropologists to sociologists are unable to decipher it completely. History has taken the shape of mythology and science has become ritual. Over last couple of decades, some steps have been taken to understand Hinduism in its true sense.

Why choose Rudrakripa for online Pooja (Puja) Store?

Rudra Kripa is a step in the direction of need fulfillment, both in terms of intellectual and material. Rudra Kripa will bring the world face to face with the rich legacy of science and economics behind various Hindu practices and fulfill the intellectual requirement.

Along with this, Rudra Kripa will also fulfill the need of those who want to follow the practice of Hinduism in today’s time constrained world. In other words, Rudra Kripa will be a one stop window to access Pandit Ji for puja, pooja Samgri for puja, Historical aspect to Hotel Bookings at Hindu religious destinations, etc.

The one-of-its-kind online portal that strives to give you a worry-free, pleasant pooja experience. You can book from a wide range of highly qualified and experienced Pandits / Purohit, pooja products and pure Vedic samagri for any of your poojas. Book a temple trip or tirth yatra, or simply customize a pooja. Long distance customers can also opt for an E-Puja, where our Pandit Ji will effectively guide you through the entire pooja on real-time video call.

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