Rudrakshas are dried out seeds of the fruit of Rudraksha tree. Botanically the name of the tree is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus and the English name of the tree is UTRASUM BEAD TREE. These trees grow in the specific place of South East Asia like Bali, Timor, Java and many more. It is also found in Nepal, somewhere in the division of South Asian Kingdom. Popularly it is also known as the tears of Lord Shiva. If you search for Rudraksha supplier in Kirti Nagar, you will find our name on the list.

We aim at promoting the awareness of various possessions and benefits of the heavenly bead Rudraksha to humankind. These are very helpful and supportive too. There are clefts on the surface of beads. Clefts are known as Mukhi. Ranging from one Mukhi to 21 Mukhi, there are different beads. We are one of the best Rudraksha suppliers in Delhi.

original Rudraksha supplier in Delhi

We provide high quality and authentic Rudraksha beads. If you search for original Rudraksha supplier in Delhi, you can find our name on the list. Rudraksha beads we provide are tested and approved by an ISO 9001:2015 accredited laboratories. You can check out the following Rudraksha beads as per mukhi and their purpose.

One Mukhi

Ruling planet of one mukhi Rudraksha is Sun. It is a symbol of Lord Shiva. It is best for those people who have heart disease, right eye defect or frequent headache problem.

Two Mukhi

Two-mukhi Rudraksha symbolises ArdhNaresshwara. The ruling planet is the moon. It is recommended for the person suffering from left eye defect, kidney, and Intestine problems.

Three Mukhi

Ruling planet of three mukhi rudraksha is Mars (Mangal). It is the symbol of Fire (God Agni). The people who have a defect in blood and problem like smallpox, blood pressure are suggested to wear this divine bead.

Four Mukhi

It is the symbol of Lord Brahma who is the God of birth. The ruling planet is Mercury. It is recommended for nasal disease, paralysis, and mental disease too.

Five Mukhi

The ruling planet for five rudrakshas is Jupiter. It symbolises Kalaagni, which is one of the forms of Lord Rudra. It is recommended for the diseases of fat and diabetes and liver too. We are one of the original Rudraksha suppliers in Delhi; you can get authentic rudraksha beads from our website.

Six Mukhi

It symbolises Lord Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva and ruling planet is Venus (Shukra). It is suggested for eyes, prostate and reproductive organs too. This six-mukhi Rudraksha can be combined with four mukhi Rudraksha to enhance the mental and vocal powers.

Seven Mukhi

Ruling planet being Saturn (Shani), this Rudraksha represents Goddess Laxmi. The person suffering from financial problems, impotency, weakness, or handicappers are suggested to wear this seven mukhi Rudraksha. It is ideal for intellectuals and writers too.

Eight Mukhi

This one symbolises Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. To decrease the effect from Shane Dasha. A seven mukhi rudraksha is paired with the eight mukhi rudraksha. It can be worn by the people who have problems of skin, lung, eye catarrhines and airtracia too.

Nine Mukhi

It is the symbol of Goddess Navdurga. The ruling planet of this rudraksha bead is Ketu (dragon tail). It is recommended for persons who suffer from depression and lack self-confidence.

Ten Mukhi

It represents Lord Vishnu, the husband of Goddess Laxmi. Its ruling planet is dasa avtar of lord Vishnu. As per Hindu mythology, ten gods reside on this ten mukhi Rudraksha and hence it is believed to protect people who are easily influenced by black magic. This bead is recommended for the persons having the short temperament.

Eleven Mukhi

Eleven mukhi rudraksha symbolises Lord Hanuman. The one, who wears, gets protected from accidental death. It helps in removing the problem of Yogic Practices. We are the authentic Rudraksha supplier in Kirti Nagar, Delhi. You can get the rudraksha beads and consultation too.

Twelve Mukhi

Twelve mukhi rudraksha represents Lord Surya. It can be worn by the aspirants for name and fame. It is ideal for administrators, politicians. It is recommended skin disease and bowel problems too.

Thirteen Mukhi

The ruling planet for thirteen mukhi rudraksha is Venus. It symbolises Lord Indra and Lord Kamdev too. It provides material gains to the person who wears it and hence is ideal for leaders and preachers.

Fourteen Mukhi

It is the most auspicious rudraksha. It is found rarely. It represents lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman. The ruling planet is Saturn. Fourteen mukhi rudraksha can open the sixth sense of the person who wears it. It protects from accidents and tribulations.

Fifteen to Twenty-one mukhi Rudraksha is the rare beads.

Fifteen Mukhi

It symbolises Lord Pashupati. It is one of the rare beads and people wear it to be blessed with wealth.

Sixteen Mukhi

It protects from enemies and makes his tasks easier. It helps in achieving all possible comforts. It is also known as ‘Jay’.

Seventeen Mukhi

This one symbolises Lord Vishwakarma. It helps the person in getting all the happiness and success in life. This bead is devoted to Goddess Seeta.

Eighteen Mukhi

It is known as ‘ Bhumi Rudraksha’. It is associated with the eighteen types of vanaspati in the body. It protects from evil clutches. It is used in chemical processes and Ayurveda too.

Nineteen Mukhi

It represents Lord Narayan. It provides happiness and success to the wearer.

Twenty Mukhi

It symbolises Lord Brahma. It is meant for the devotees of Lord Shiva. It helps to get rid of the charms of the materialistic world and attain Moksha.

Twenty One Mukhi

It is one of the valuable rukdraksha. It is also known as Kuber Rudraksha. The person who wears it is blessed with success and happiness.

To get the maximum benefits of these organic Vedic beads, you must take a consultation. We offer numerological, astrological, and gemological and many more services. We are the best Rudraksha supplier in Delhi. We can suggest you the right way of wearing these heavenly beads. A per yours need or individual problems we also suggest the combination of Rudraksha beads.

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10,000.00 4,900.00

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207,800.00 166,330.00

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13,110.00 7,999.00

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69,700.00 51,000.00

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