Dhyan Yog Combination To Improve Your Meditation Power

You must be aware of how important Rudraksha is in the religious and spiritual context. This is mainly due to its association with Lord Shiva, which is said to give these seeds their names as well as mysterious powers. The seeds originate from the Elaeocarpus ganitrus trees that grow only from the Gangetic plains at the foothills of the Himalayas to South-east Asia.

The evergreen trees have now been reduced to a small number because of their extensive use in making railroads, the remaining trees yield the mysterious Rudraksha which is used in spiritual practices. Authentic Rudraksha is almost as valuable as precious stones. The seeds are available in different types with each variety being said to have a different positive effect. People use them in the form of rosaries, single Rudraksha necklace or Rudraksha combinations.

Association With Lord Shiva

Legend has it that Lord Shiva, who is a powerful god and is associated with meditation and spirituality once sat to meditate to bring happiness to everyone in the world. Once he finished his prayers, tears came from his eyes and fell on the ground. It is at these places that his tears fell on, that the massive Rudraksha trees grew. This is why these seeds are believed to have a strong healing effect on the minds and the bodies. They are also worn to achieve a good fortune and to nullify the effects of planetary malevolence.

Wearing Rudraksha To Strengthen Your Spiritual Energy

You can find different Mukhi Rudraksha in the market. According to your spiritual needs, one or different combinations of Rudraksha can be used. Rudraksha malas that are made from different Rudraksha seeds strung together are popularly used for meditation purposes. If you are looking for Rudraksha specifically for the meditation purposes, Dhyan yog combination would be the type to go for.

Dhyan Yog Combination

Different Rudraksha combinations have different effects. The Dhyan yog combination is associated with meditation. You can incorporate this combination in your daily medication to heal and strengthen your spiritual energy and improve your concentration.

Here are some combinations popularly used for meditation.

  1. A five Mukhi Rudraksha mala of 108+1 or 54+1 or 27+1 beads can be used. The 108+1 combination is preferred most often.
  2. A five Mukhi mala with the Gaurishankar at the top and one Mukhi at the meru provides excellent concentration during meditation. This combination consists of 108+1 beads in total, including the specified combination.
  3. There is also a specific Dhyan yog mala. It consists of the three, five, nine, eleven mukhis, Gaurishankar, and one mukhi. These beads are strung in a smaller five Mukhi bead mala. The total number of mukhis should remain 108+1.
  4. A combination of 32 or 32+1 bead Kantha of large-sized Gaurishankar beads can be kept at the puja place. Since it was used by sages to meditate, married people are not recommended to use this combination.
  5. A five Mukhi or two Mukhi Rudraksha mala with fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha tied on the head keeping it at the Ajna Chakra is associated with a higher level of meditation. It is used for Kundalini awakening.

The Dhyan Yog Combination would help in improving your mental and physical health through meditation. If you have concentration problems as well, you can use this to better focus on yourself and your goals.

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