Everything You Need To Know About Ganpati Puja Samagri In Delhi

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Who Is Ganpati?

Ganpati or Lord Ganesha, as we often call him is a Hindu deity. Before any important event or occasion, a Ganpati puja must be done to impress the god. This will prevent any mishaps during the task as Lord Ganesha always participates in the task himself. To please the deity, all the items used in Ganesh puja have to be fresh, original and intact.

If you put over the god a pinch of vermillion (sindoor) on Wednesdays, he will be appeased. What else does Lord Ganesha like and love? Read on to know about all the Ganpati puja samagri in Delhi you will need.


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  • Bananas: They are an integral part of the things used in Ganesh puja. All seasonal fruits can be offered to the god. However, Ganesha, who has a head of an elephant, loves anything related to bananas, even the banana leaves. You can decorate your puja place with banana leaves if you want to appease the god.
  • White Flowers: White flowers symbolise success and fame. So you can offer any white flowers to the lord, including hibiscus flowers as well.  
  • Erukku Flowers: Every puja should be conducted in a positive ambience. You should try to get rid of negativity as much as possible. Erukku flowers will help you in the process.you can make garlands out of these flowers to offer in the puja.
  • Shankh: A conch is known as a Shankh in Hindi. Any Hindu religious occasion needs the blowing of a Shankh at the starting of the event. It is considered auspicious. Lord Ganesha himself holds a conch in one of his hands.

Other Ganpati puja samagri include incense sticks, Dhruva grass blades, Modak Laddoos, Red Chandan, Ghee (purified Butter), lamps (diyas), red flowers, Coconuts and last but not the least, an idol of Lord Ganesha. People need to keep their surroundings and themselves clean before initialising the puja. Certain rituals need to be followed, as well.

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