What You Need To Know When You Purchase Government Certified Original Rudraksha Online

What are Rudraksha beads? These are collected from holy Rudraksha trees as these are seeds of the ripened fruits. Every seed can be differentiated as they have separate individual patterns and crack marks. The face of every Rudraksha bead is known as a Mukhi. Rudraksha beads have several faces or mukhis ranging from 1 to 38. These crack marks define the number of faces every Rudraksha bead has. You can buy these government certified original Rudrakshas online.

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The wearer needs to use the mala made from original rudraksha beads with a lot of care. However, the beads will not affect at all if the beads are not purchased from an authentic store. This is why we are here to help you out. Why should you buy our products?

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How Do The Government Certified Original Rudraksha Beads Work?

Rudraksha beads are used for medication and puja purposes. 1 to 21 faces or Mukhis of Rudraksha beads are used for astrological solutions. Their holy, divine and spiritual benefits heavily influence the user in a positive manner over time. Each Rudraksha bead has the blessings of the Gods. Shiva- the Destroyer, Brahma- the Creator and Vishu- the Protector have blessed these seeds.

One can influence the effects of the planets utilising the beads properly. Lab certified Rudraksha beads have several positive effects. The number of Mukhis a Rudraksha bead has, decide its specific set of advantages.

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Our Rudraksha beads come from Nepal. There is a separate combination of mukhis for every individual. One must consult a good astrologer to know about the apt combination for him or her. To buy Rudraksha online from us, that are certified by government approved laboratory (Gemological Institute And Laboratory Of India), you can explore our customer-friendly website.

The certificate provided by the reputed laboratories is present on our website if you want to be assured of our authenticity. Special purification rituals are done by renowned astro-numerologist, Dr Sanjay Sethi before the use of special Rudraksha malas.

If you have any further queries regarding government certified original rudraksha online, you can get in touch with us via call or emails. Our email ID is contact@rudrakripa.com. Our phone number is +91-9560498552.