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Importance of Worshipping Lord Shiva in Shravana


The holy Sawan Maas, that is, the pious month of Shravan is considered an auspicious period for Lord Shiva devotees. Worshipers can take blessings of Lord Siva by doing Shiv Puja. Prayers and rituals held in this month have are believed to be very useful. It is beneficial to make Shiv Ji happy and get his ashirwaad.

Out of twelve months every year, the months of July and August hold great significance due to astrological and religious auspiciousness of them. These months are the best period to perform poojas for seeking blessings of lord shiva. Days of this period are seen as the pious ascent of Shravan, according to Hindi calendar.

During Shravana, the rotating cycle of planets around the sun is traversed into zodiac Leo. Thus, it holds great importance for the believers of Hindu religion.

Somwar Shiv Puja in Shravana

Shravan maas or month is one of the most auspicious periods. Doing Siva Pooja on Monday with dedication and love during Shravana month is believed to bestow the supreme blessings and power of divine Lord Shiva on the devotees.

Lord Shiva is omnipotent throughout the Shravan month, which simply means, if devotees worship Shiv while this period of time, the harmful effects of planetary doshas, consisting Rahu Ketu, Saturn, Jupiter and all other planets, will get shrugged off and it will help you sustain good physical and mental health. The temporal and spiritual development is also believed to get much better. Therefore, it is recommended that any event or ritual designed to express devotion to Mahadev should be organised during Shravana.

Special Ingredients for Shiv Pooja During Shravana Month

The main ingredients that are a must-have for performing Shiv pooja during the period of Shravan are Ganga Jal, Panchamrit which is the mixture of honey, curd, milk, sugar and ghee, akshat, fresh, Nadachari, Yagyopavit, agarbatti and dhoop. Fresh flowers, fruits and sweets should also be included in Shiv Pooja.

Some Things Are Considered Inauspicious for Worshipping Shiv

Tulsi: Tulsi is seen as a very auspicious element for poojas. But using Tulsi for pooja of Lord Shiva is not suggested. Lord Shiva killed demon Jalandhar, the husband of Tulsi. Therefore, Tulsi leaves are not placed on the ideal of Lord Shiva. It is also believed that Lord Vishnu accepted Tulsi as his better half. This is another reason why Tulsi is not used in worshipping of Lord Shiva.

Kumkum or Sindoor: According to Hindu Scriptures, we should not use roli and kumkum for the Shivling pooja. Lord Shiva is believed to be the god of destruction, so it is not right to perform Shiv pooja with sindoor or Kumkum. Instead, sandalwood pastes are used to worship Lord Shiva.

Conch shell or Shankh: Lord Shiva killed a demon named Shankhchood. Therefore, Shankh is seen as a sign of this devil. So, water should not be offered to Shiva Ji through a Shankh.

While praying to Lord Shiva, You should sit in such a way that you face the East. It is also believed that Shiva is pleased if you donate food to the poor and needy after the pooja.

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