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Important Puja Ingredients Needed For Ganesh Puja

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Lord Ganesha, the son of Shivji and Goddess Parvati, is a revered Hindu God. No auspicious ceremony can be held without Ganesh puja. Lord Ganesha is known as the ‘Vighana Harta’, which means the dispeller of obstacles. Before the starting of any main or aupicious work, people prefer to worship Lord Ganesha. According to the old scriptures, Lord Ganesha is easily pleased with pure devotion. Performing Ganesh puja brings knowledge, prosperity, and good fortune in one’s home and workplace. Therefore, lot of importance has been given to the significance of Ganpati Pujan.

Ingredients Play A Vital Role

Each ingredient has its significance, and it is advised to do puja in the right way. All the items are readily available at any online pooja store in Delhi.

● List of Items

Things mainly required in the Puja are idol of Shri Ganesh, Ganesh patri, kumkum , flowers, 5 types of fruit, haldi, supari (betelnut), nariyal , laung (cloves), panchamrut (mixture made by mixing Sugar, Ghee, curd, honey along with milk).

Other important things that are required include elaichi, Mauli, Chandan (Sandal), Kapur (Camphor), Gangajal, Sindoor, Gulab Jal, Gulal, Chawal, Janeu, Gnehu (Wheat), Kalash made of Silver, Copper or Stainless Steel jug for keeping water, Navratna Oil, Mithai, Cloth for Kalash, Laal Kapda (Red cloth), Safed Kapda (White cloth) and Kachha Dhudh (Un-boiled milk).

● How to Perform The Puja

Before placing the Ganesha Puja in your home, you have to do some other rituals and have the things mentioned above ready. First of all, you have to clean the entire house. The Ganesha idol should be placed on a clean and raised platform. The puja starts with the Aarti and enchantment of ‘Om Gan Ganpatiye Namah.’ The aarti thali must have the joss sticks, and the betel leaf should be placed in front of the idol along with a supari. These can be easily bought from an online pooja store in Delhi.

You should give Dakshina to a Pandit Ji if he is the one who is doing the Aarti. All the family members should take a bath before sitting for this pious puja.’ Pran-Pratishtha’ which means infusing life in the idol is a primary step in this puja. Aarti is the main step in the puja along with the lighting of the aggarbattis and lamps. A red sandalwood tilak is put on the forehead of the idol. Read the Ganesh Upanishad and pray to Ganesha. Ganesh Pujan has a lot of significance attached to it and is generally done in many households to seek the blessings of the almighty.

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