Laxmi Puja is the festival which is celebrated during Diwali and to celebrate the arrival of Goddess Laxmi in one’s house. There are many rituals that are present during the Laxmi Puja, and a lot of Laxmi pujan samagri are needed to complete the rituals correctly. The first thing to buy is Goddess Laxmi idol for your house. We at Rudrakripa provide all samagris for Laxmi puja in the best quality. You would also need to buy a list of samagris that would be required in the puja – Rudrakripa has it all.

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It is said that Goddess Laxmi comes to those houses which are clean and have an auspicious environment. This is why people clean their house before the puja and also worships broom as a sign of cleanliness. The Laxmi puja falls on the inauspicious day of Amavasya but due to the puja, the day is said to be auspicious.


The Significance of Laxmi Puja

Goddess Laxmi is known as Lord Vishnu’s consort and is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. On this day people adorn Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha with a new pair of dresses and jewellery. The significance is not just materialistic but also spiritual. People try to connect with the Almighty by offering dry fruits, flowers, including lotus and sweets.


The Process of Puja with Laxmi Pujan Samagri

The puja is started by sprinkling Gangajal in the whole house and purifying it. Cover the chauki for the idols with a red cloth and keep a few grains in the centre of the chauki. Put the kalash on the grains and fill it with water. Put a betel nut, a coin, a marigold flower and some grains in the kalash. You would also have to put five mango leaves in a circular design inside the kalash.

Decorate the puja thali with haldi, lotus and rice grains. You would also need new coins with an imprint of Goddess Laxmi in either gold or silver. You need dhoop, agarbatti, roli, kalawaa scent, pure ghee, curd honey and many other samagri for the puja. You can get all the Laxmi pujan samagri at Rudrakripa in the best quality.


Laxmi Pujan Samagri Needed For the Ritual From Rudrakripa

Light a diya and offer flowers to Goddess Laxmi to worship her and seek her blessings. You would have to buy kesar, sindoor, kumkum, turmeric powder, chandan, mustard oil and other ingredients as an offering. Individuals who have their own business offer their accounts books or even students give their subject books to get them blessed. To buy good quality Laxmi Pujan samagri such as abhishek patra, kheel, conch, bandhanvaar and other things you can check at Rudrakripa. We are very conscious about the quality of our goods and wish to provide our customers with the best experience.