Important Puja Item List For All Pujas Performed in Hindu Households

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In Hindu religion, there are various kinds of pujas performed every year. Prayers and rituals are performed to worship God. In all these pujas, different types of items are required and all these items fall under the category of puja samagri. These puja items differ according to the type of prayer performed and which god is being worshipped.

Laxmi Puja Item List

On Diwali, it is believed that Goddess Laxmi visits our homes. Therefore, Laxmi puja is performed on Diwali to worship her. This puja is very important for all Hindus. A pratima of Goddess Laxmi is bought and placed in the middle of the puja room. It is believed that there are 16 rituals performed in this puja. Dhanteras puja and Choti Diwali puja are essential parts of Diwali celebrations.

There is, of course, Goddess Laxmi idol required for puja to start. It is placed on the chauki. Pair of Laxmi ji and Ganesh ji idol is also bought and placed alongside big Goddess Laxmi idol. It is suggested that gold or silver coins with the print of Goddess Laxmi should also be purchased. Dresses for Laxmi ji and Ganesh ji can be bought as per choice.

Plates and bowls are used to keep items such as Ghee, honey, curd and Ganga jal which are necessary for puja. Panchamitri which contains honey, milk, curd, ghee and tulsi is also considered important. Kalash, red and white cloth, turmeric powder, dry coconut and coconut with water is used. Abhishek patra is also placed on the chauki. Food items include dry fruits, Bataashe, Kheel, Loung and sweets.

Ganpati Puja Item List

One can impress Lord Ganesha without much effort. He is adored and worshipped in many forms.
Lord Ganesha is the Hindu God, who gives solutions to all kinds of problems. He is called by many names like Lambodara – the one with a big stomach, Vighnaharta – the remover of hurdles, Sumukha – the one with an attractive face, Vinayaka – the eternal leader.

Below is the necessary puja item list for Ganpati puja:


Ganesha loves to eat banana. Therefore, banana and banana leaves are used in Ganpati puja. The Ganpati idol is sometimes decorated with banana leaves as well.

White flowers

Worshipping Lord Ganesha with white flowers brings success in the worshipper’s life. Hibiscus flower is very dear to Lord Ganesha, so it can be offered.

Erukku flowers

Erukku flowers get rid of negativity from the body and mind of a person. Garland made of erukku flower is offered to Lord Ganesh during puja.


Shankh or conch is considered auspicious in Hindu culture. Lord Ganesha holds a shankh in one of his hands. Blowing Shankh is important for Ganesha puja.

Navaratri Puja Samagri

Navratri puja has been performed daily by people early in the morning and also in the evening. At the time of Navratri, nine goddess are worshipped one by one on each day. There are several Navratri puja rituals performed during Navratri like Durga Puja, Ghat Sthapana Puja, Kanya Puja, Durga Puja and Navratri Jaware visarjan.

Navratri puja item list contains idols of Goddess Durga, Agarbatti, curd, mishri, red cloth, ghee, laung cloves. The food items usually consist of fruits, cardamom (elaichi), honey, sugar, milk, rice. coconut and sweets. Flowers, flower garlands and mango leaves are used to decorate. Diya, batti, Roli (Red powder) and Moli (Red thread) are also essential. Janeu, Betel leaves (Paan), Sandalwood, Kalash (Pot) and soil (Mitti) are also used in Navratri puja.

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