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Top Vastu Products That Help In Attracting Positive Energy And Good Luck

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Vastu is a traditional and most sort-after technique which people use since the early ages. These items have great value in the lives of the people who believe in this mantra. Moreover, the vastu products have exceptional architectural designs and look, which also enhance the decor of your house or office. The products bring positive energy and vibes in the household and transform the living spaces into much better surroundings.

If you are looking for the perfect vastu yantras for your house or office space, then the below list can be of great help.

Shri Meru Yantra:
According to the Vastu Shastra, this yantra is quite a significant one. It is an energizing tool that stimulates prosperity and wealth in the houses of the people. It brings good fortune and helps to eliminate every type of negativities from the house. When you purchase this yantra from reputed vastu products supplier in Delhi, they also suggest you about the correct direction of placing this yantra. Usually, placing the face of this vastu item in the west direction is a perfect one.

Vastu Dosh Nirvana Tortoise:
This Vastu Yantra is perfect for your office and home. It helps in nullifying the various doshas and turns the surroundings more favourable and positive. You get energised to work even harder and feel that everything around is refresh and new. Place this item in the north-east or south-east direction for best results.

Laughing Buddha:
This statue holds huge importance both in vastu and in Feng Shui. This beautiful architectural piece of art turns the environment peaceful and eliminates all negative influences. You can get various designs in this statue that brings well-being to your family and friends. Some of the most popular figurines in laughing Buddha include Crystal Laughing Buddha, Buddha with sack or gold coins, Laughing Buddha with the dragon tortoise, etc.

Gomati Chakra Tree:
This is another vital vastu item that you can get for your house. This also gets referred to as the Goddess Laxmi’s abode. It has a resemblance to the Sudarshan Chakra and relates to the Lord Vishnu as well. Every vastu dosha gets removed with the bringing of this item in your house. Place this tree-shaped vastu product towards the south-eastern direction of the house or office. You are sure to invite prosperity and good fortune in the space.

Tortoise With Elephant Figurine:
This figurine carries great significance in Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. This item gets recognised as the most auspicious symbol and yields great benefits to the people. It reflects good luck, success, longevity, wisdom, and dignity. A pair of this item when placed in the bedroom of couples, helps in fostering string bonding between them.

The Three-Modelled Golden Owls:
This figurine is also an auspicious one as per the vastu techniques. They look extremely pretty and enhance the decor of any room. They help to remove negativities and bad energy from the house and bring positive changes in the lives of the people.

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