Vastu For Home to Attain Happiness and Satisfaction

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Indian civilization is known for the teachings of Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture. It teaches how any building should be made so that it surrounds the positive energy. The proper use of Vastu tips and tricks has brought happiness and satisfaction to many people from old times to today’s modern world. If you believe in Vastu for home, it is a good idea to know what to buy and what not to buy for a better environment at home or office.

Significance of Vastu for Home

There exist five elements according to Vastu Shastra, which must be considered to attain a good environment at home, namely, Earth, Space, Water, Fire and Air. In ancient times, vastu was only used for the construction of Hindu temples. However, it soon pronged out to houses, vehicles, office buildings, furniture and even to sculptures and paintings. The building materials used and the directions followed play a major role in Vastu.  Good vastu for home is important to create a positive and peaceful environment.

Improve Vastu For Home and Office

If we take traditional knowledge into consideration, the universe is made up of the five elements mentioned above. These five elements have to be synchronized with the five elements of the human body. This harmonization is necessary, as this keeps human relationships aligned. It is beneficial for us to know about Vastu Shastra. As it helps us realize the motive of specific changes that are required to improve the Vastu for home as well as office.

Two of the most popular items used to improve Vastu are:

Ashta Laxmi Shree Yantra Chowki

It is an elite collection of eight Avatars of Goddess Laxmi. This godly yantra brings wealth and fame to the keeper. You can keep it in your living room or puja room.

Kamdhenu Cow Idol

A brass statue of idol Kamdhenu Cow and its Calf is a favorable Vastu item. Kamdhenu cow is divine. Its four legs symbolize four Vedas, its face is the symbol of the moon and the sun and its horns represent the Gods. It brings good luck to the house and inculcates good values in the kids.

Important Vastu tips for house

Here are some essential Vastu tips for house that you should follow on a daily basis:

  • Your face should face the east while cooking food.
  • The ceiling of your house-temple (Puja room) should be lower than the ceiling of all the other rooms in the house.
  • You can place a picture of Lord Ganesha and Saraswati in the study room for the positive aura.
  • You should keep vegetables in a dish after cutting or slicing them. Their nourishing substance will be absorbed by the floor if they are placed on the floor.
  • You should not have three doors on a single wall in your house.