Rudra Kripa, the sister concern of Pure Life and Co. is an organization founded with an aim to promote awareness about the properties and benefits of the divine bead Rudraksha to mankind.

The motto of the organization is to actively provide guidance on the most suited Rudraksha to the individual, based on the numerological interpretation of his or her date of birth and interpretation of planetary position.

Dr. Sanjay Sethi (Gold Medalist) is a renowned Astro-Numerologist, Gemologist, Rudraksh Consultant & a Scientific Vastu Expert in Delhi NCR practicing since last 28 yrs.

Dr. Sanjay Sethi, a postgraduate with a strong liking for occult sciences and deep interest in healing therapies, is the guiding force behind this organization. What prompted him to start this organization was the revelation of mysteries surrounding the divine bead Rudraksha and its healing properties. It is a fact that thousands of people are still unaware of the properties and benefits of Rudraksha, Rudra Kripa aims to address this.

Rudra Kripa believes firmly that “wearing a Rudraksha is most auspicious than anything else in this world.”

“Rudraksha Dharanascha Shreshta Na Kichadapi Vidyateh”

Rudraksha is more auspicious than anything else in this world. If a man always wears a Rudraksha permeated with God’s auspicious power, he is always honored and blessed. By Wearing the right combination of Rudrakshas ranging from 1 to 21 mukhi one can pursues and attains: – “Dharma, Artha, Kaam, and Moksh”.

Rudra Kripa provides genuine and high quality Rudraksha beads which have been tested in and certified by an ISO 9001: 2015 accredited laboratories.

It is the only organization which is regularly involved in scientific research on this age old spiritual healing bead. It adopts expert strategy of recommending Rudraksha to wear, which has resulted in innumerable testimonials till date. Rudraksha recommended by Rudra Kripa are being worn by eminent professionals, businessmen, industrialists, sports-persons, actors, politicians and spiritual personalities with excellent results. All of them have heartily appreciated Rudra Kripa’s unique strategy of recommending the Rudraksha combinations based on individual approach. In fact, people at large – ranging from common man to personalities and celebrities have benefited from the accurate analysis and right combinations of Rudraksha recommended by Rudra Kripa.

Shri Sanjay Sethi (Gold Medalist) is a renowned Numerologist, Gemologist, Rudraksh Consultant & a Scientific Vastu Expert practicing since last 28 yrs. He has a clientele from all walks of life and from almost every corner of the world whether from U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia & many countries in Middle East & Africa. His clients include Industrialists, Film stars, Politicians, Cricketers and even people who practice astrology and deal in Gemstones &Rudraksh. Vastu consultants also take his advice on some tricky situations & if some difficult & important decisions are to be taken. He has been honoured with several awards by various prestigious organizations for his service to the subjects.

  • Accurate Numerological characteristic report & predictions for specific questions regarding your health, wealth, relationship, business, finance, job, education various ailments, foreign travel etc. Most appropriate Name spellings suggested by calculations for effective luck & good fortune.
  • Gemstones suggested are original, pure & genuine imported from the country of their origin with certificate from Govt. approved Laboratory.
  • Shri Sanjay Sethi is one of the very few Rudraksha consultants in the country who can identify the purity &genuinety of the same. Suggestions for 1-21 mukhi as well as the combination of various Rudrakshamalas according to the need and the problems of the individual. The Rudraksha seeds are all original procured from Nepal along with certificate from a recognized laboratory.
  • Super effectiveness of Scientific Vastu Consultancy of house, office, shop, or factories with proven facts. All suggestions like placements of things, intensity of light, sound, radiations, energetic dimensions geopathic stress & electromagnetic radiations like negative energies will be proved.Very effective & proven inexpensive remedies suggested with results assured.

Our mission is to get the people rid of the sin, sufferring and pain worldwide. We are committed to provide the best quality products at reasonable prices for the benefit of the humanity. Pure Lifepromotes true and committed research so that the authentic services based on the ancient knowledge may be clubbed with modern science along the lines of a real understanding of the therapy and the concerns of the clients.

Pure Life aims to be a leading Rudraksha and Gemstones resource of authentic information for all kinds of online and offline media avenues and for partnering therapeutic professionals with opportunities ranging from franchisee ship to online distributorship ventures.


We are specialized in collecting best quality Rudraksha and we procure Gemstones from the country of their origin.